Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Priscilla!

Priscilla's husband, Jamie, made reservations at a very nice restaurant tonight. Priscilla didn't know, but Martha and James, me and Dave, and my mom and dad were all going to be there too. (Jamie wanted to surprise her) I didn't get a very good picture of her entry, this is it. Jamie is behind her. It was a wonderful dinner, and a fun time! Thanks Jamie, and Happy Birthday Priscilla! Have a great year!

13 more random things about Priscilla:
1. She is 23 months older than me.
2. She was 1 grade ahead of me in school because she just missed the deadline to be in the grade ahead of hers, and I just made mine.
3. She is very good at math, and helped me out a lot in High School.
4. She used to be quite a bit taller than me, but when we were done growing I was almost 2 inches taller than her.
5. It's fun to go antiquing with her.
6. She is a very talented artist.
7. She sucked her thumb quite a bit when she was little, and therefore wore braces for 2 years as a teen.
8. As a child, she once ran through our sliding screen door.
9. She and I shared a bedroom for a short time as teens, and had some good laughs late at night.
10. We got matching orange ten speed bikes in our early teens.
11. We also had matching roller skates which we used to skate around the neighborhood.
12. We walked to school together in Middle School since we lived so close and had to walk.
13. She's a great sister!


Priscilla said...

All good memories...except for the braces. Thank you!

Tracy said...

I sucked my thumb too, but never had braces.