Wednesday, February 14, 2007

About my sweetheart

Here are a few things about my sweetheart on Valentines Day.....

  1. He loves to make faces for pictures. (right Priscilla?)
  2. He's lots of fun.
  3. He has brown eyes .
  4. He has lots of tiny freckles.
  5. He has tasty ears.
  6. He always seems to capture the attention of kids. (Alicia likes to find "bugs" on him with a magnifying glass)
  7. He is very competitive.
  8. He beats me at video games all the time, but he's still fun to play with.
  9. He LOVES sweets.
  10. He makes great chocolate sauce for ice cream!
  11. He was always good at helping change diapers when the kids were babies...even stinky ones.
  12. He grew a mustache and beard once in college and surprised me with it when he came home.
  13. His beard is a different color than his hair. (it has more red in it)
  14. He has 1 brother and 1 sister.
  15. He lived in Peekskill, NY for about 9 years when he was little, moving here when he was 10.
  16. He's very good at figuring things out.
  17. He loves to golf and play basketball and baseball.
  18. He's loved the Dallas Cowboys ever since he was a little boy.
  19. He's a BIG Boston Red Sox fan.
  20. He's mostly German, but a tiny bit Irish too. I guess that's where he gets his cute little freckles.
  21. He has muscles like Popeye too!
  22. He doesn't own a monkey suit, but he has a nice birthday suit. Haha!
  23. He drives a white car.
  24. He makes me laugh all the time.
  25. He's the baby of his family.
  26. He hates cinnamon gum.
  27. He makes great igloos.
  28. He cross country skis a lot in the winter.
  29. He used to waterski a lot in the summer too, at his Grandpa's house on the water.
  30. He can't sleep if the kids are making any kind of noise.
  31. He's been married to me for 15 years, wow!


Martha said...

I didn't know Uncle Dave had "bugs"! Alicia must have very good eyes.
You forgot to mention how he likes to push little girls off swings and drop kids on their heads.
Oh yeah, and he makes a yummy apple pie too.

hannah said...

Why dunnit he like cimanin gum?

Rachel said...

Hannah- He says it "smells nasty".

Rachel said...

Oops I forgot to respond to you Marty. Alicia did use a magnifying glass, so her eyes aren't THAT good. And yes, poor little Bethany never asked him to push her on the swing after that time he pushed her off. Poor Nate probably still has nightmares about playing "helicopter" with Uncle Dave.

T said...

don't forget he doesn't like stiring your icecream.....I think... you wrot that in martha's comment a while back.
I totally agree with the gum! anything cinnomon can't be good.
poor bethany.... been there done that... My grandpa pushed me so high i flipped out backwards.... ouch!

Bethany said...

"5) He has tasty ears."

"22) He doesn't own a monkey suit, but he has a nice birthday suit. Haha!"

Aunt Rachel, you are too funny!

Martha said...

I hope you and your honey aren't stranded somewhere on a desolate Pennsylvania highway. And if you are that you have packed plenty of food and blankets.

Rachel said...

t- Good memory, but that's Martha's husband that doesn't like the stirring of ice cream, Dave does stir his. He says it "tastes better that way".

Tracy said...

That's a nice list. But, may I ask, what kind of bugs does he have, exactly?