Friday, March 14, 2014

A Symbol of Her Love

My beautiful afghan that Mom made me several years ago.  I will cherish it forever.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

My mom went to be with Jesus on Thursday morning, I found out just as I entered the building where I work.  Martha had said it had been a strange week.  One night she asked if someone was taking her home, to which Martha replied, "No, you're staying here tonight."  She has lived there for 3 1/2 years and has never talked about going home.  On Monday night she talked in her sleep all night long, some of the things my sister and brother in law heard, but most they didn't because they were in bed.  She was talking about loved ones who had already least some of the time.  On Tuesday morning my sister called the Dr, but they never returned her call. That night she coughed all night.  On Wednesday Martha called the Dr again and they gave her an appointment.  I met her there and after examining Mom, the doctor said that he suspected she had Pneumonia and called in a prescription for some antibiotics to the pharmacy.  We took her for a blood draw and a chest x-ray as well.  After all that, we got her some lunch at Wendy's, and brought it out to the car for her.  Martha said Mom was tired that day and slept most of it.  On Thursday morning when Martha peeked in her room at a little past 7:00am, she was uncovered, her oxygen tube was on the floor along with a pillow, and she was unresponsive.  No matter what, these things are impossible to prepare for, but we take comfort in knowing that Mom knew the Lord and is now free from her body that wasn't working right.  She is free and whole!  I still have episodes where I break down, like when I walked past the box of tissues on my end table in my living room yesterday.  They were put there for her when she sleeps here.  I sure will miss her, but I know the separation is temporary.