Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I saw a piece of his heart...

 He laughed when he saw this picture of himself.
              He was still laughing from the previous picture when I showed him this one.
 I showed him this picture and asked him if he remembered having dinners at Grandma and Grandpa's ever.  He looked at it and said, "I remember that."  I thought it was nice that he answered because he doesn't usually respond back to me, although one of the workers, Robin, told me when I picked him up, that he had been talking more.
Then I showed him this one.  There was a stack of pictures, and we were looking at several.  At one point I looked over at him to see him silently crying, but quite hard.  Big tears streaming down his cheeks.  I apologized for upsetting him and told him sometimes it can be hard looking at pictures with so many people who are no longer with us anymore, and told him that we will see them again some day, but I'm really not sure why he was crying.  I saw raw emotion and felt like I saw a piece of his heart, but I can only guess why he was crying.  He pulled himself together and I rubbed his hand and told him how much I love him, but by then I was teary too.  I checked on him when I got home and the girl who answered the phone said he seemed happy and had just downed a cup of coffee.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Yesterday I went to visit Tim alone because Martha had to babysit Josh and Jake, and Priscilla had a job interview.  When I arrived he was sitting at the dining room table and had just finished coloring a large picture, with markers.  One of the workers (I forget her name) saw me and said, "I want to know who taught Tim to color so nice, and who taught him to say his prayers?"  She said he prays every night.  I told her that our parents always prayed with all of us and I'm sure that's where he got it.  It made my heart do a little dance.  My autistic brother prays!  I wished my parents could have heard that!  What a blessing it is to know that my brother knows the importance of prayer and does it daily!  We went out for our drive and I explained to him why I was there alone and told him that the next time it would be more than just me visiting.  We listened to a CD of  Dad playing his guitar and harmonica, he ate the goodies I brought him and I talked to him about how strange it was to see Mom's hands on the ends of my arms (my hands look just like hers to me).  He gave me some sweet looks along the way... I love him.  I took a blurry selfie of us upon our return to his house....

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sinuses and Painting

Well, I'm loving the warmer temperatures we've been having, but evidently my sinuses don't.  I am struggling to get rid of a sinus infection without having to take antibiotics.  I really hope I get to enjoy spring...
On another note, my husband doesn't want to go shopping with me today.  I'm thinking about painting the boy's bathroom and getting them a new shower curtain.  They have told me that their shower curtain is somewhat juvenile.  The colors on it are pastel and they've had it for many years, so I think it's probably past time to change it, and today is suposed to be rainy. Off I go. I'll report back later with some before and after pics.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Day...

Today I got up early and saw my husband off to work.  He had to go to Corning today, and I was not able to get back to sleep after waking and thinking about my mother in law's plant that I was watering at her house while she's in Florida for the winter.  It's quite top heavy and I found it quite slumped over when I went to her house after work yesterday.  The plant is very sentimental to her since it belonged to her dad, so I REALLY don't want to be the one to kill it.  I decided to go there today and bring the plant home, and while I was at it, buy Steven a belt at the mall close to her house, since his broke.  When I got the plant back here, I made two nice little popsickle stick stands to prop them up. :)  I then got on the treadmill for a bit, did a load of laundry, some vacuuming, did the dishes, took a shower, and went to pick up Martha for our drive out to Newark to visit our brother Tim.  He's been sick for a couple of weeks (Ecoli infection) and was in the hospital so we were anxious to visit.  He seemed well, but it was very apparent that he had been quite sick since he lost a lot of weight.  He looks good!  He needed to lose a few pounds, however that's not a great way to do it. :P  After dropping Martha off back at her house I headed for Wegmans where I bought some dinner stuff.  Sage and Pecan Pork Tenderloin served over a bed of spinach, and drizzled with a blackberry vinegar drizzle, was on the menu.  Since I am trying to stay away from potatoes, baked cauliflower with salt pepper and parmesian was served with it.  It was quite tasty, but the next time I make that cauliflower I will spray it with olive oil rather than drizzle it, so as to get the parmesian cheese to stick better while baking. It was just the two of us for dinner, Dave and I, since Steven and Michael had to work.  They'll be home later wondering "what's to eat?"

Michael has figured out what direction he's going for college.  He has made the switch from Computer Science to Accounting.  He will need to get a Business Administration degree at MCC before transferring for Accounting elsewhere.  He's having a great semester so far and is signed up for 16 credits next semester and 2 summer classes.

Steven is busy working about 60 hours a week between McDonald's and Pittsford Wegmans.  He loves to work and is quite the saver.

Well, off to do a P90X workout with my hubby, adios!