Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Little Bored

I have to admit, I am a little bored with blogging lately. I find facebook to be much more interesting, with the ability for me to connect with so many friends at once. I am at a loss of what to even blog about...not anything new and exciting going on, although in 2 weeks we will be making our annual trip to Bradenton, Florida! Koty had his 1st visit to a kennel scheduled for that week after my friend, who has watched him before, said that they would also be going away that week if they could find a good deal on airfare. She called last night and said that they were staying here and her daughter was dying to have Koty visit for the week. So, Koty will not be going to the kennel after all, he will be spending the week with our friends and their 2 BIG dogs. I know he will have fun and will be very well taken care of, he may not even want to come home with us after the week is up. Having 2 other dogs to play with all the time will be fun for him. Here, he doesn't even get taken outside for a walk in the winter because no one wants to walk him in the bitter cold. He does get plenty of walking and running in though on our treadmill, and he actually likes it. He will hang around sometimes by the door to the basement and when I ask him if he wants to go on the treadmill, his ears perk up. When I open the door to the basement he goes running down and gets right on the treadmill. It is very cute!
This is what he looks like right now (below) as I type this. It's much too early still...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Steven!

Today is Steven's 15th birthday. The above photo was taken one day after his 5th birthday. The years are flying by faster than I ever thought they would. We stood back to back today and he is now just as tall as I am. Where did my little boy go? Here are a few things about my Steven...

1. He is quite artistic.
2. He is very sweet and cares about others feelings.
3. He loves to eat.
4. He will eat just about anything....but not Butternut squash.
5. He was extremely easy to potty train.
6. He loves to swim and is very good at it.
7. He swam on a swim team for 2 years.
8. He was the fastest swimmer in his gym class this year.
9. He loves to make things that work. Ex: vacuum cleaners
10. He loves the beach.
11. He loves to push his brother's buttons, and vice versa.
12. He wore braces for about a year and a half.
13. He will only use a mechanical pencil, never a regular one, because he says regular ones get dull too fast.
14. He chose a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday.
15. He also chose to go out to AppleBee's for dinner tonight.
16. He doesn't like to spend his money. He would rather put it in the bank.
17. He is often seen around here half dressed.
18. He has blue eyes like his Gramma Lene (my mother)
19. He likes to do his homework right away and doesn't like to put it down until he's finished.
20. He likes to play Monkey Ball
21. Lately he's talking an awful lot about it being only one more year until he can drive, hmmm....I'm not too sure about that one.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A fluffy pillow party!

Today we decided that we were tired of the saggy unsupportive pillows along the back of our couch, so Dave cut the inside cushions open. The feathers and the poly filling were very clumped, so 1st we had a pulling the fluff apart party.
Dave had purchased some pillows (2 with feathers and 2 without). Those were cut open and mixed with the fluff from our cushions....a mixing party! Our cushions were then restuffed .I really wish I took a before picture, but never thought of it. This is what the finished product looks like! Maybe I won't be getting as many neck aches now when I sit on our couch!