Monday, July 10, 2006

A rainbow!!

This evening after it stormed and stormed, we saw a beautiful rainbow. What a TON of rain we got in a short amount of time. My poor husband had planted grass seed where we had a stump removed this weekend, and he ran out in the rain to cover it with a tarp before it completely washed away. My impatiens (sp?) got completely waterlogged too because the rain came off of our roof so hard in front, that it created a river through them. Oh well, the rain was awfully fun to watch!!


Martha said...

I was at a VBS meeting at church while it was raining. We came out the back door of the building at about 8:30 and the rainbow was just gorgeous! You could see all the colors right down to the purple. Actually, it was a double rainbow but the top band wasn't near as brilliant. Awesome!

Rachel said...

Yes, it was a double, but you can't see the other one at all in my picture so I didn't mention it. The other one was quite light when we saw it. It was pretty AWESOME!