Sunday, January 14, 2007

Full freezer!

Tonight Steven wanted some ice cream, but after he got it he had a heck of a time putting it away. Evidently we need to start eating more of what's in the freezer. Stuff was falling out on him and he was shoving it back in. At one point, he had 1 hand in there and his leg in there. He was holding something in with his foot, and then he tried to slam the door really quick. It didn't work. I was laughing hysterically!


T said...

oh my goodness, EAT!!!! your steven dude looks like he grew to fast and now his bones are showing, EAT!EAT!
I'll send food. no wait you have to much.mmmmmm what you forget to eat? LOL. really I am just teasing.

Martha said...

Put some clothes on that boy!

Rachel said...

t- Believe it or not, he eats like crazy! I used to be able to eat and eat too, and still be skinny.

Martha- I try to keep clothes on him, but he just takes them off. I'm always telling him that I don't know why he likes to walk around half naked, and he insists that he's not.

T said...

yah it is amazing how age changes things , can't eat like we used to ect.
my emmy does the same thing, I can't keep clothes on her. and socks forget it!
she is the nudest in the fam... david...... oh my gosh just to get him to change is a feet .

Tracy said...

That's a really funny story.