Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cool Video

I came across this video the other day and have watched it several times since. It is just fascinating to me. The way God wired this guy's brain is truly amazing!

How do I download the actual video onto my blog site? I signed up to do that, but can't figure it out. ?????


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That's very cool.

If you go back to you tube and look to the right of the video, you will see two boxes. The bottom one says "embed". copy the code that is in there. Go to your post and you will see a tab just above where you are typing that says "edit html". Click that to reveal the code. Paste your code there and publish the post. The video should be viewable from you blog then.

I have not figured out how to have both a video and text of my own yet. But perhaps the trick is to have already written your text before you put in the video. So give is a shot and see what happens.

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