Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today was a very HOT day. Steven has been begging me to take them to Seabreeze Amusement Park, so today we went. Of coarse the water park was the most popular spot to be today. We did the soak zone, Lazy River, and water slides first (several times). Next we hit some other rides...the log ride, some roller coasters, bumper cars, the Yo Yo, the Screamin' Eagle, then it was back to the water park to play in the wave pool and more water slides. We had slathered on the sun screen, but still managed to get a little bit burned. It was a fun day! Check it out at http://www.seabreeze.com/


gmj said...

Wow, and they say I have energy! Ha!! You got me beat hands down.

Tracy said...

Very fun! I'm always a bit nervous the first time I go down a water slide. I start to enjoy it more when I know all the curves and can anticipate them.

T said...

thats it! I am moving there!