Monday, August 11, 2008

Keeping it Real

I have never done one of these "keeping it real" posts, but will try since seeing it on Christine's blog.
1. I have to admit that I have not been the best trainer of my children when it comes to teaching them to pick up after themselves. I have often found that it is much easier to just do it myself. I am inconsistent in sticking to a plan. An example is that I at one time got so sick of picking up my children's clothes from behind their bathroom door, that I told them whatever wasn't in their hampers on laundry day wouldn't get washed. I kept to that plan for quite a while, but find myself occasionally giving in just to "get it all done". I know...not good. Their wives will probably hate me for this.
2. I am somewhat obsessive compulsive about things. An example of this is having to turn around occasionally and return home (if I haven't gone very far) to make sure I closed the garage door. I AM NOT obsessive compulsive about keeping my refrigerator neat and organized. (my husband told me to put that)
3. I love for my house to be organized. There are things that I said that I would never do (that my mom did do) when I lived with my parents, but I find myself exactly the same way. Example: My pan cupboard is always getting messed up, and my dryer has a pile on it all too often.
4. I cannot multi task very well, I am way too easily distracted.
5. I make my kids breakfast almost every morning, and I enjoy doing it. But if they ask me to get their drink too, the answer is no, and I am shocked at their laziness. I also feel like I need to see what they put in their lunches to make sure they have everything they should. They are teenagers so I know that I really don't need to do this anymore, but it gives me some peace of mind knowing that they have all that they need.
6. I always sing or hum when I blow dry my hair. Most of the time the songs are made up as I go.


Christine said...

My refridge is a mess too! Oh, I'm so glad to know that I am not the only one.

Christine said...

I also make up songs and watch what my kids pack in their lunch. Many times I help them pack it to make sure that they are getting something half way healthy! :)

Martha said...

Dave once had me take a picture of Rachel's fully packed refrigerator. I deleted it when I cleaned out my photos a while back. My fridge was really, really bad until I cleaned it out the other day. I sure wouldn't have wanted anyone to post it on their blog.
I can attest to the fact that Rachel has an aversion to "dirty" feet, but I never knew the extent of her disgust. (I picked up this bit of info from Christine's blog.) I do recall her once yelling and telling me to "get your dirty feet off of me." We were still children at the time. I hadn't known they were "dirty" and was highly insulted (as well as somewhat amused).

joeks said...

Oh, you brave soul for "keeping it real!" Not that we learned anything too shocking!
Thanks for sharing.

Priscilla said...

None of these are real shockers I guess. Dave's refridge really clean?

Allen said...

Interesting. Your humming skills will pay off someday. What do you do for the keeping it Real posts?

Martha said...

Probably not. He has to share it with Rachel.