Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kid Stuff

Michael is hard at work doing homework. He is doing very well in school and is even taking an enriched course this year. Actually both boys are doing very well. I am very proud of them for all of their hard work!
This is Steven eating a banana with peanut butter tonight, his snack of choice when there are no "goodies" in the house. He made peanut butter m+m cookies last night. I ate one of them, and when I came home from work (an all day seminar) today they were all gone and he was complaining to me that there were no goodies. There is no way to keep anything sweet in this house for longer than a day with 2 teenage boys and a husband with a sweet tooth.


Martha said...

Having seven kids made it necessary for children to ask before eating. Sometimes I find a cookie or two is still in the container after two weeks and then they go in the trash.

Sweet tooth... I guess you are in the right profession.

Joe Fool said...

Teenage boys?! My how time soars like an airplane!

Rachel said...

Joe, you're funny!

Joe Fool said...

Thank you... I think.