Sunday, September 06, 2009

My Dad

Last week had to have been one of the hardest weeks of my life, for I was told that my dad has pretty advanced lung cancer and is opting for no treatment. The fact that he is opting for no treatment is not surprising, he has never been one to run to Drs much and feels that when God wants to take him home to Heaven, he's ready. He isn't worried about his sickness or about the fact that he's going to die soon, for he knows he's going to a much better place, but instead he's more worried about my mom and the fact that he can no longer care for her the way he always has. Another concern of his is his nursing home ministry and his Open Door Mission ministry, and who will continue tell those people that there is hope in Jesus Christ if you trust Him as your personal Savior. My dad has been an inspiration to me my entire life, always encouraging, always praying for his children and grandchildren, always reading, memorizing, and quoting scripture. Not only will I never forget his wonderful Godly example when he is gone from this world, but the things that he did with us and all the hard work he did to provide for us. I hope I have many more months to spend with him, but I fear that our time will be much too short. I will savor every single minute I can. I know that God holds him and us in the palm of His hand and loves us immensely, and he will continue to do His work through all of this.
Dad, I want to say thank you for all your endless love and support through the years, and for all the prayers you prayed for me and for your Godly example. The legacy you will leave behind is great. I am so glad that when we are separated here through death, it is so temporary. I am looking forward to the day when we will be reunited in a much better place.

I love you,


Martha said...

It has been one of the hardest moments of my life too. I don't like goodbyes and this one will be terribly difficult. As long as we and our children live, a part of Dad will remain, not only in our memories, but his lasting influence on our lives.

I love you, Rachel. We'll be sticking together and the Lord will carry us through.

kristina said...

Praise the Lord - your father is saved and will be going to Heaven! What a great gift to have such wonderful Christian parents! And I have been blessed by knowing all three of you sisters. I love you all very much and will keep praying that God gives your family peace and strength during this sorrowful time.

Heather said...

Rachel, your family is on my heart constantly. I am praying for all of you every day.

judi said...

And to easy your father's mind about his ministries, you are doing what?
Give back to him like he gave to you. hugs, Gmj.

StacyB said...

What a beautiful post.
I am delighted I got to meet your dad. I am praying for you and your sisters and your mom. I am trusting God will just carry you all through this in the way only He can.
Much love.

Martha said...

Stepping into Dad's ministry shoes is not a job for just anyone. He does four nursing home services each week, at least two of them in the morning hours, and also ministers in a homeless men's shelter. We are supporting them by being there overnight and during the day. Rachel has her plate full doing this, working three days a week, and taking care of her own family. But the Lord is good and he is raising up men to take over.

Tracy said...

I'm praying for your family Rachel. Thank you all for sharing your lives with us - it's encouraging to see God meet daily needs in difficult times and to see a family so close and held together by a common faith.