Friday, February 26, 2010

It's a Winter Wonderland Out There!!

The kids got their wish today and got their first snow day. We got a lot of snow. Poor Koty has a hard time moving through it all. Dave will go out with the snow blower today and snow blow Koty a spot to go to potty.
This is the little tree in our side yard.
Koty will be a mess every time he goes out. Little snowballs get stuck in his long fur. Oh well, it gives him something to do for a while after he comes in. He's happily grooming himself right now...even though Michael brushed him a bit.
Hooray for snow!!


Martha said...

The picture of Koty along with the picture in the blog post below make quite the contrast. I could hear snow sliding down the side of the house this morning.

I love snow days too. Although Hannah is doing school and Ben is at work, there is something exciting about a day with no school and lots of snow.

I wonder if someone will build Grandma a snowman...

Priscilla said...

Quite a contrast from the previous post!