Friday, February 26, 2010

Just Playin...

Today the boys and I went to visit Mom, Leta, and Lucas. Lucas loved it when Michael played with him.
Mom was feeling playful too. I think Lucas is keeping her young. :)
Lucas wanted to try the cup on his head, just like his Great Grandma.
She sure does have lots of entertainment with him around.

It's a Winter Wonderland Out There!!

The kids got their wish today and got their first snow day. We got a lot of snow. Poor Koty has a hard time moving through it all. Dave will go out with the snow blower today and snow blow Koty a spot to go to potty.
This is the little tree in our side yard.
Koty will be a mess every time he goes out. Little snowballs get stuck in his long fur. Oh well, it gives him something to do for a while after he comes in. He's happily grooming himself right now...even though Michael brushed him a bit.
Hooray for snow!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Florida Vacation

On Sunday we returned home from our annual Florida vacation.
Even though the weather was only in the high 50's for the whole week, the kids still managed to swim several times in the heated swimming pool. I couldn't bring myself to get in with the air being so cool.
One day we took a drive up to Tampa to the aquarium. Some of the creatures were interesting to look at, but the $20.00 per person fee was a bit steep for what we our opinion anyway, although it did give us something to do.
I enjoyed our walk on the beach. There were no people in swim suits like there usually is (well, maybe a crazy few). This was our only trip to the beach this year.
What fun 2 teenage boys can have with a girl's hair clip. They had more fun wrestling one other in the pool trying to clip it into each other's hair.
We also HAD to make our traditional trip to SweetBerries for frozen custard. Yummo! This is some of the best frozen custard I have ever tasted. They tip your cup upside down right before they hand it to you to show you how thick and creamy it is.
Here is my cute honey enjoying one of his first bites. I forgot to turn my fill flash on, but love the picture anyhow due to the cute little boy look on his face.
Some friends of ours watched our dog for us while we were away. He must have had a blast because he was exhausted. As soon as we walked in the door, he plopped himself down right here for a snooze.
The drive home seemed exceptionally difficult for me this year. I hardly slept a wink the whole way home (22 hrs) and had to get up very early for work Monday morning. For me this is a recipe for a migraine, and I got one. It was awful, bringing vomiting with it. No migraine meds helped this time. I spent the entire day today on the couch, finally getting up at 4;30pm. Maybe next year we'll fly...