Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2012. I have a wonderful new job (well, I've been there for almost 10 months, is that still new?), Steven is a Senior, and Michael is a Junior. Dave's job of about 16 yrs remains stable and so...this year, after 3 years of being begged by Dave's dad to go on a trip out west with them, we are finally going in July...I think. Nothing is official until plane tickets are purchased, so we'll see. Steven is taking driver's ed and will hopefully take his road test pretty soon. He just took an online test to see where his strengths are as far as a job is concerned. He isn't really sure what he wants to do yet, but maybe the test will help him a little bit. I am hoping to grow more in my walk with Christ, and to be more disciplined about my daily Bible reading and study. Michael and I are planning to read through the Bible, along with many people at our church. I lost a friend to stomach cancer in December, and her walk with Christ was amazing. She left behind such a wonderful legacy for her children (as did my own dad). I often feel like I am selfish with my time, and basically don't feel like this is all God has for me or desires of me, so I am praying that I am willing to trust God 100% with this wonderful life he has given me, and that I allow him to use me in any way that he desires to grow his kingdom. Please pray for me.

"If you count each "Fear not" in the scriptures, there are apparently 366, one for every day of the year. That means even on a leap year you have to have enough faith to jump into His arms — every day.” - The Farmer Voscamp


Martha said...

Hang on tight, the ride has just begun!

Priscilla said...

I knew Laura by her maiden name. She was one of my campaigner kids. She was always one of the nicest girls. When she went to Potsdam, I stopped by her room to visit her when I went to an alumni weekend. That may have been the last time I saw her, but I'm not sure.

kristina said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for writing this post. It is nice to read what is going on.

"I am hoping to grow more in my walk with Christ, and to be more disciplined about my daily Bible reading and study."
-I am praying for this for myself. I will pray for you too.

Rachel said...

Thanks Kristina. I'll pray for you too. :)