Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I've Been Tagged! 7 Normal Things About Me (Uncle Dave)

I don't know how Martha caught me, but somehow she did, and I have to come up with 7 strange things about myself. I'll list some things that strange people (Martha) may find strange about me, but I consider everything on this list completely normal.
  1. I don't like popcorn, or any corn in general, but I like many things made with corn. (Corn bread, corn flakes, corn puffs, cracker jacks, corn cakes, PECAN PIE ...)
  2. I don't like to talk in the bathroom...or, I should say, when I am going...
  3. I sit like a little boy when I'm playing video games (ei. feet out to the sides)
  4. I don't pee in the shower, but I like to sing in there.
  5. I like Spaghetti o's and Fluffer-Nutter sandwiches.
  6. I didn't let the puppy out to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, but I did feed him and then ignore him while he signaled for me to let him out at the door. He then proceeded to let it loose where he stood. Oops! (I need to mention that I was intentionally ignoring him, because he was not giving me the "correct" signal.)
  7. I like to hold my family's hand in public and walk in the most unusual way just to embarrass them. I'm not sure why it doesn't embarrass me.
Well, let's see...I'll taaaaaag...Ben and Michael. You guys can feel free to up the list to 15 if you find it hard to list just 7.


Rachel said...

He forgot to mention that he likes to make faces for pictures. (see Priscilla's blog)

Bethany said...

#4- Quite interesting. And I thought peeing in the shower was normal! (j/k)

Martha said...

Don't the spaghettios just slide out the sides of the sandwich?

Pecan pie... corn syrup doesn't count as corn, does it?

Good job with the list Uncle Dave. Ben is looking forward to making his list if the electric is still on tomorrow. (Feels like an ice storm out there right now.)

gmj said...

7. Yep!! Walk like a duck, tell the kids walk like this, watch their mother dive into another isle. Follow the mom, quacking all the way... don't know why she gets

Priscilla said...

My children were embarrassed when I danced in Central Park when we went there a few summers ago. I don't know why!

Heather said...

Great list, Dave. It is always a fun thing to embarrass those we love!