Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dare I show you this?

Wouldn't it give you a headache if you opened your refrigerator and it looked like the one on the left below? Today I have tackled one of my least favorite jobs. I don't know why I let this happen to my refrigerator in the first place. I think the one on the right looks much better, don't you?
Now I am going to go out in the 83 degree weather and ride bikes with my kids!!
By the way, that's not ketchup on the top shelf. That is Dave's famous homemade BBQ sauce. It's his very own recipe, and it's delicious!


kristina said...

83 Degrees! It is snowing here! I'd be too embarrassed to post my fridge. It only has condiments in it.

Judi (Gmj) said...

:) ya got summer not spring! Well, you got a very clean fridge. I hate that job too. I know it won't get cleaned unless I do it though, like you I feel very virtuious after I have cleaned it.
I sometimes miss living alone when I only had condiments. :)

Martha said...

kitc I cleaned a few things out of my fridge the other day too. I often put leftovers in ziplock bags. Makes it easier when you can't recognize the contents. ;)

Tracy said...

I need to do this today as well.

Priscilla said...

Good job! I need to do mine!! I'm afraid to look in some of the containers in the back!