Saturday, January 21, 2017

Another visit with Tim

Yesterday I picked up Martha and we drove out to Newark for another visit with Tim.  He, like always, was happy to see us and eager to go out for a ride.  He seemed more there today, and when we got in the car I wanted to listen to Dad play his guitar and harmonica on CD for us.  It's like having a little piece of him on our visit, so I said, "Let's find Dad!"  As soon as I said that he looked right at me... probably thought I was a bit crazy.  Along the ride he looked at me and smiled just like he used to.  I love his smile and told him so.  Martha and I chatted on the ride, asking Tim a few questions along the way, but he didn't respond.  I noticed he had a small gash with a fading bruise above his left eye and couldn't help but wonder if he's being treated well... after all, he was being abused by a caretaker (who has been fired) not too long ago, and there is an investigation that is still incomplete.  When we dropped him off at his home he gave me a nice, sweet, tight (but not too tight) hug.  He hasn't given me one like that since our dad died.  Martha had gone to sign him back in, and I felt bad that she missed out.  He's usually in a hurry to get to the bathroom and isn't always so generous with his hugs, but you never know when he'll have a special surprise hug for you... you just never know.


Martha said...

I am blessed that you got a hug. You deserve it.

Rachel said...

So do you.

joeks said...

What a treasured surprise for you!

ชื่อที่แสดง said...

I am blessed that you got a hug. You deserve it.