Sunday, January 08, 2017

Visits with Tim

On Christmas Eve Martha and I took a drive out to Newark to visit Tim.  Martha baked him an apple pie for Christmas and brought it for him to share with some at his home.  He was thrilled.  We had a nice ride and he seemed more alert today... less drugs, I'm sure of it.  When we got back to his place after our ride, he even posed for a picture with Martha and I, and with a smile on his face!

Yesterday I went to see him alone because Jim and Michele were visiting from Minnesota.  I told Tim that, and that Martha loved him and would come the next time.  He seemed a little zombie like when I picked him up, although he was happy to see me, as usual.   His shoe laces were all untied and I was afraid he might trip on them so I tied them for him.  He quickly ate his goodies, as usual, some baby carrots, wheat thins, and a few small store bought cookies.  I got my face in his in the car (at a stoplight) for some forced eye contact, and he looked at me with warm eyes and smiled.


Martha said...

Praying you have answers. Love you.

Rachel said...

I love you too. I've been too busy with work (4 days) this week to try and get any. Next week will be better.

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Praying you have answers. Love you.

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