Thursday, May 08, 2008

My dog eats everything he can get his little mouth on! 13 things my dog eats for Thursday 13...
1. sticks
2. leaves
3. dried worms off the driveway
4. cement pieces off of our unfinished fireplace
5. blankets (he will actually chew it like it's gum and swallow it if I'm not paying attention)
6. dirt balls
7. grass
8. money (Dave took a penny out of his mouth yesterday)
9. plant material that has blown off trees in the yard
10. paper
11. strings off his tug toy (there are none left on it)
12. stuffing out of his cushie pillow that goes in his crate (he can't have this anymore)
13. more sticks

This dog acts like he's starving, but we feed him plenty...honest!


Judi-gmj said...

Teething, Dental person! :) Bored also. I do think he is the cutest pup in bloggdom right now.

Rachel said...

He's had all of his adult teeth for at least a month. Bored...probably. Dave roller blades for a good mile with him, and then I can take him for a walk on top of that, but he seems to have an endless amount of energy. I think he just loves to eat though.

Gudl said...

You can't get mad at him, right? He looks soo cute!

Martha said...

Lots of rawhide bones! That's what we did when Dillon was a puppy. They don't typically eat them fast enough to get sick unless their name is Jasmine.

Summer is coming too. Then he'll have more company time with the boys being home.

Rachel said...

He has rawhide bones galore, and more toys than any other dog I know, but that doesn't stop him from eating everything in sight!

thegreatmichael said...

13 more things Koty eats:

1. trash from the bathroom garbage can
2. most likely legos or other little toys
3. the couch
4. my pencil erasers
5. he tries to eat pens
6. dirty or clean laundry
7. his leash
8. the cord for the computer cooler doohickey
9. plastic or tape
10. feathers from the couch
11. dried hot-melt glue
12. dandelions
13. he almost ate Sam, Aunt Liesl's bird

Shelly said...

Oh my! Glad Sam didn't get eaten!

Romeo ate $60!!!!!! Well... that's not quite true. He ate more then 1/2 of 3 $20 bills - so Heather is out $60!! Hopefully that will teach her not to leave her money all over the place.

Shelly said...

And he is awfully cute!!!

Martha said...

Be thankful you don't have a kitty litter box... eeeewwww! Dogs think those things in there are tootsie rolls... EEEWWWW!

Gracie once ate the contents of Bethany's dirty diaper. Now that is really gross!!! And for those of you wondering why I left it laying there, I was still putting the clean one on her.

kristina said...

Oh no. I always wanted a puppy but maybe not. thegreatmichael's list is funny. Martha, that is gross.

My cay ate drier sheets, paperback covers, a couple of Psalms, photographs, scotch tape and a vitamin, and I don't know what else.

Judi-gmj said...

Why I don't have a pet; read the rest of the comments! :)

Anonymous said...


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