Saturday, July 26, 2008

Action packed day

This morning at 8:00 we said our goodbyes to Michael as he headed off to camp. He was quite embarrassed when I automatically picked up his heavy suitcase to help him out. He politely told me that he could carry it himself. I'm always embarrassing my kids somehow. I guess I need to remember how big they're getting.
Later in the day, around noon, Dave, Steven, Dave's sister, and I put our bikes on our bike rack and headed out in our cars to the Erie Canal in Pittsford, NY, where we got on the bike trail that runs along the canal. It was a beautiful ride. We rode about 10 miles to the Rochester airport where we stopped and layed in the grass to wait for the Thunderbirds to fly overhead. (the air show was on) The Thunderbirds put on an awesome performance right over our heads! It was very loud and I can't hear anymore, but it was really neat! After the Thunderbirds performed we started the almost 10 mile trek back to our car. In all, we biked 19.74 miles.
After going home and showering we headed out to Bill Grays for some food. We chose to eat outside since the weather was so beautiful. We were starved! We also got frozen custard from Abbott's which dripped like crazy all over us. The weather was much too humid to lick an ice cream cone fast enough. I really wish I had my camera with me because Dave's sister was covered in frozen custard. She had gotten sprinkles on hers...big mistake today. Steven was fortunate to have ordered his in a dish. Since Abbott's is right across the street from Lake Ontario, after finishing our sloppy cones we walked down the pier. There were people fishing along the sides of it, children climbing on the rocks, and honeys walking hand in hand (Dave and I included). It was a very beautiful and action packed day...very fun!


Martha said...

We thought about going to the air show yesterday (Sunday) but didn't think we could afford the admission and we don't have bikes to ride along the canal to the airport. We have been to the one in Geneseo a couple times but they're all getting quite pricey with the cost of gasoline.

Bill Gray's and custard from Abbot's sound like a great way to end the day, especially if it included a walk down the pier.

Now I need to do some Lake trip toward Rochester. Feel like going to Dirand Eastman Park or out to Hamlin Beach?

Martha said...

"Durand" Eastman. (Sorry bout the typo.)

Rachel said...

I'd love to! What are you doing tomorrow or Wednesday? It's supposed to be a beautiful week.

Bethany said...

Mmmm, sounds loverly. I couldn't imagine biking so far though. I have a hard enough time going one mile! Maybe I should start biking again, though hard to do with a nine month old.