Saturday, July 05, 2008

The REAL Golf Story

Today we had a fun golf outing with my niece, Bethany and her husband, Adam. Bethany and I are very inexperienced golfers, but Bethany had a misleading post today, so I will explain the REAL story. You see, Bethany needed a lot of help with her stance, so being the nice Aunt that I am I was trying to show her how SHE should bend her knees (see Bethany's post). After that lesson she played SO much better. ;-)

Dave was very patient with me today. He is a very good teacher!
Bethany was quite the little pro (after my lesson), so not only did she have the look, but she could play the game. Great job, Beth!
p.s. You look GREAT in my visor!


Bethany said...

You are too funny... Not only is that MY visor, but I was NOT a pro! So I could drive a ball by the time there were three holes lefts to play, but I certainly was not good on the green! You did way better at putting that I did. I'll have to practice up for next time. Then I'll really cream you guys! Lol

Rachel said...

Uncle Dave says he's gonna take me to the driving range, so watch out!

Priscilla said...


Bethany said...

Oh man, if you go to the driving range, then you're really gonna cream me! Don't go, don't go!

kristina said...

It looks like y'all had a good time.

Joe Fool said...