Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy, busy...

It's frigid outside, a great night to cuddle up and watch a movie ("It's a Wonderful Life") with my family.
Earlier today I worked for one of the Hygienists in our office who just lost her mom. I worked 4 days this week rather than my usual 2. When I was cleaning my 2nd patient's teeth (she had very large salivary glands in her cheeks), her right salivary gland got sucked into the saliva ejector. I turned off the suction immediately, but the gland was stuck. Inside I was panicking. My poor patient wanted to rinse, but she couldn't because the suction tip was dangling from her cheek. After a minute or so, I was able to pull it off. She will have a bruised salivary gland for a couple days, but she didn't have to go home with the saliva ejector hanging out of her mouth. This was her very 1st cleaning in our office....great 1st impression. She was very sweet though and will be back to see me in a few months. :)

I got off work early to attend a Christmas Tea at my brother Tim's house. I picked up my mom and my aunt and we headed out for the almost 1 hour drive there. It was nice to spend some time with him, and I enjoyed it when he laughed at me for being a little nervous that he was going to eat a chicken wing bone. He's had brain damage since birth, so when I get a reaction out of him, I treasure it since he is usually pretty stoic. Martha, Hannah, Ben, and Priscilla were also there. I forgot to bring my camera along, so Martha is going to share some photos of hers with me.

It was Chinese food for dinner tonight since I didn't feel like cooking.


Martha said...

I didn't know there were salivary glands in cheeks.

Pics on 100delicious.

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Tracy said...

Wow, sounds like a busy week.