Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sick Boy

This has been a tough week for Steven. You know he's sick when he actually has a shirt on in the house AND he's sitting in front of a hot fireplace (yesterday). He has had H1N1 (most likely) since Sunday morning and it is now Saturday. He seemed to start to get better mid week, but spiked a fever (104) again Thursday night. We took a trip to the Dr yesterday, who didn't like the fact that his fever had returned and after listening to his lungs suspected a secondary infection (bronchitis/pneumonia) starting. This morning his temperature is 100 and he seems like he's returning to his old self, yipee!!!!


Martha said...

Is he wearing clothes?

Hey, I like your background. :)

Martha said...

I have one kid on each couch. Tummy bugs aren't fun either. :P

T said...

man what strange little bugs we have running around now a days. bluck!