Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Steven!

Steven is 14 today! I can hardly believe it. Here are 13 things about Steven...

1. He loves to draw and is quite good at it.
2. He swam on a swim team for 2 years.
3. He really enjoys swimming, but prefers to get his homework done rather than have it hanging over his head.
4. He's always been grossed out when our previous and current dog got their saliva on his skin, although he will let them lick his hands if he can wash them right after.
5. He's a very hard worker in school.
6. He's very kind to others.
7. I hear he's quiet in school, but he's not at home. I sometimes tease him that I'm going to videotape him and play it for his teachers.
8. He used to love to sing when he was little and could carry a tune quite well!
9. He loves sweets and is often heard saying, "Mom, we need some goodies around here!"
10. He loves to "push Michael's buttons".
11. He's very competitive.
12. He's good at bumper pool.
13. He cares about others.
14. I am proud to call him my son! Happy Birthday, buddy!


Heather said...

Wow, 14! Happy Birthday Steven!

Martha said...

Happy Birthday, Steve!

(I wanted to call you an "old man" but I guess that would be niether nice nor true.)

Allen said...

Cool! I defintely learned things I didn't know.

Gudl said...

Although I don't know you personally, I also with you Happy Birthday, Steven!
(you sound like a nice guy)

Priscilla said...

Happy Birthday,Steven!!

From all of us!

Tracy said...

Yay! It's great to read more about Steven. What a great characteristic it is to want to do your homework... :o)

Bethany said...

You can't count.

Rachel said...

Bethany- Well, the 14th thing is really about me so it's still 13 things about Steven.