Monday, January 07, 2008

It's warm outside!

It was like a balmy spring day today. It is 11:15pm and it seems like it keeps getting warmer outside. An hour or so ago it was 60 degrees and now it is 62 degrees. The kids are getting nervous that we won't have a "real" winter, but I'm enjoying it...I know it won't last.


gmj said...

Yea, what is with this weather??
We were just talking about the changes here, can't remember so much wild wind at the coast and snow this early in the season not in the past 10 years.

kristina said...

60! Wow. It was in the 40's here and I thought it was a heat wave. Incredible.

joeks said...

It warmed up here too, getting rid of most of the snow/ice. Then it snowed again this morning, but was gone by noon.

Martha said...

When I posted yesterday, my weather report said the temperature was 67 degrees, so I just had to go for a little walk in the orchard. Not all the way back to the woods, just the little road behind the house. It felt so good to be out walking!

Today the wind has kicked up and I think some coler weather is on the way.